Fabio Fatuzzo
The World is a book and those who do not travel read only a page, Saint Augustine




Welcome to my personal home page.
Born in Italy and currently living in Australia, I am a world traveller, perennial expat, internet's early adopter, amateur investigator of genetic mutations (or, according to my wife, mild hypochondriac), Nutrigenomics follower, enthusiast TEDster and, above all, a strong believer and advocate of studying and working abroad.
Despite my gluten sensitivity, I wish it was just a myth or another marketing fad, I love Roman style wood fired pizza and cornetti, Italian sweet croissants.
I like all sorts of animals and have a passion for highly intelligent and clownish sulphur crested cockatoos.

My favourite celebrities are not overpaid sport personalities, actors, rockstars or average Joe and Jane reality show participants but all those visionary and open-minded people who, often away from the spotlight, innovate and research for finding solutions to big problems.
I am a natural skeptic and I believe that the only thing that can stop hair from falling is the floor. If I had a time machine I would love to meet Leonardo da Vinci and Albert Einstein above all.
Last but not least I am a very proud father of a sweet little girl who, hopefully, will contribute to change the world for the better one day.

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